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FabLab Manchester

I had the great pleasure of visiting FabLab Manchester today.  FabLab grew from an idea at MIT and is basically a small scale workshop with an array of computer controlled tools (laser cutters, milling machines, 3D printers).  It’s a creative workspace where people can make just about anything they can think of.

FabLab Manchester is the first of its kind in the UK and offers equipment and expertise for inventors and small companies to do product development and prototyping.

It’s a fantastic place and the people there have great ideas on how they can help people turn their ideas into products and hopefully stimulate more manufacturing industry in the UK.  Check it out, it will be worth the effort.

FabLab Manchester

A Bright Future

Vince Cable, the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills recently said: -

We need to develop a stronger, more balanced economy that is less dependent on the City by building on the strengths of our manufacturing and other knowledge industries.

I know you should never trust a politician and these may well turn out to be empty promises, but it’s a fresh view that fills me with confidence.

Of course new product development is the lifeblood of manufacturing so I’m bound to be cheered by these words!