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Vanity Prototypes

Every year it gets easier to build ever more complex and sophisticated prototypes of your new product.

Software design tools facilitate the creation of a working model of an application with far less effort than it took to sketch screen layouts and build quick paper prototypes.

Development boards can be used to build working electronic products to demonstrate functional behaviour that would have previously required spinning a PCB.

3D Printing techniques and lower cost CNC machines make it possible to fabricate your mechanical product without the expense and time associated with injection moulded tooling and machine set up.

The real excitement comes not from the ability to do this but what you do with your rapid turnaround prototype.  Will it help you convince investors or senior management to greenlight your project?  Will it allow you to get some real feedback from the market?  Will it instigate fruitful discussions with the manufacturing or supply chain professionals?

Or will it be an expensive paperweight to show everyone how clever you are?…

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