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Atlassian – FedEx Days

In April 2005, the successful software company Atlassian held their first FedEx Day.  A tailored response to the problem of fostering innovation and creativity with more than a nod to Google’s 20% playtime.

For one day, the team were expected to brainstorm and develop new ideas that were somehow associated with the Atlassian product range.  Groups working on specific ideas formed organically  The expectation was that by the end of the day the engineers would present something they had delivered in that day (hence the Fedex title).

Over the years and the subsequent 13 Fedex Days, the concept has developed to start at lunchtime on Thursday and end at 4pm on Friday.  The days have become a source of fantastic ideas and enthusiasm amongst the teams (with more than a bit of competition).

How could you develop a similar initiative in your organisation?  I think the key attributes of the Atlassian FedEx day are the finite time with an expectation of delivery and the competition amongst the groups.  Take those as your starting point and see where your ideas take you.

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